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Experiential Learning

BJ’s training style is engaging, challenging, thought-provoking, and always fun!  BJ understands our company’s culture and takes the time to understand our current organizational initiatives to provide a tailored training approach that meets our company’s needs. 

Ben, Executive at Arvest Bank Bentonville AR

Team Meeting

What is Experiential Learning?

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING is a kinesthetic style of team interaction that provides a highly effective and sustainable transformation. It uses games and initiatives that are designed to reveal each participant’s default behaviors and teach better behavioral habits.

How does it work?

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Why Does it Work?

Individuals learn through engaging initiatives and activities that mirror real life. They catch participants doing what they typically do in those real-life situations. The time between when the default behavior is revealed and the outcome of the default behavior is compressed so the consequences of the decisions can easily be examined and improved.

BJ Penick uses experiential learning to teach the soft skills that are critical to success in the business world, such as teamwork, leadership, and communication. She facilitates games and initiatives in sessions tailored to your group or individual needs. More than the events, she asks the right questions before, during and after the experience to hyper-target learning objectives. Powerful facilitation allows conversations to begin, diversity to be discovered and a safe environment to be established.

What makes it Experiential?

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