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Want something different? Want something fun? Want something that can cause influence and impact? Then I highly recommend that you bring B. J. Penick to lead your group through experiential based leadership training. Very few people can do what B.J. is able to accomplish in team development. Our student leaders increased in ownership of our organization and became better problem solvers and teammates.  Because of the hands on training, B. J. equipped our students not just how to complete a task but how to live life. B. J. will custom build a plan for your leadership training needs. Get the biggest bang for your buck - get B. J. 

Dr. Lynn Loyd
Baptist Collegiate Ministry
University of Arkansas

For 10 years, I have relied on BJ to take my teams to the next level. She is intuitive and aware, so each team receives exactly what they need in a concise and fun format. My team members who groaned about doing group games ended up being the most enthusiastic about the training. There is a notable shift after her visit: communication changes, assumptions change, group dynamics change. Individuals grow in awareness and are empowered, which changes everything. Leading people is hard, but inviting BJ to strengthen my team makes my job much easier, and my team thanks me every time.

Heather O’Sullivan
School Administrator
Discovery Garden Montessori School

“BJ has been a fantastic partner for many years working with our emerging leaders.  Her ability to quickly read people and their needs, then to adjust to those specifics is critical in making an immediate impact during our day.  She pivots to these opportunities seamlessly which provides an experience for each individual that is meaningful and long-lasting.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience along with a style that is challenging yet easy to absorb.  Every associate carries learning lessons home with them that can be immediately applied.  Our program would not be the same without her.”

Chad Evans

President, Arvest Bank Joplin

BJ’s program has been nothing but wonderful for us.  The resiliency lessons she has taught our Youth/Teens allow them to take what they learn from her and integrate it into their everyday lives.  We would highly recommend BJ to any organization and we will continue to use her inside our program.

Keven Courtney

Lead Child and Youth Program Coordinator

Dynamic Systems Technology Inc.-Contractor

Kansas Army National Guard

Our organization has partnered with BJ for many years as part of our Emerging Leaders Program.  The feedback received from program participants is that BJ’s style of Experiential Training and Development is a consistent highlight and one of the most valuable elements of our program.  Through her intentional exercises, challenges and games BJ teaches core leadership principles, and helps participants recognize their individual strengths and value that they bring to a team.  BJ’s training style is engaging, challenging, thought-provoking, and always fun!  BJ understands our company’s culture and takes the time to understand our current organizational initiatives to provide a tailored training approach that meets our company’s needs. 

Ben Carroll

Senior VP, Arvest

Free Consultation

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